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Inspiration for International Women's Day

March 8, 2020 is International Women's Day - a day to celebrate women everywhere, and this year's theme is #eachforequal. So much has happened for women over the past 10, 20, and 50 years, but continue to strive for equality. From laws governing the choices women make, to closing the gender pay gap, there's still work to be done. Today, we're celebrating Women's Day by highlighting a handful of women who have not only made an impact in their own way, but who have also left their mark on male-dominated industries.

When Time magazine recently named Lizzo its entertainer of the year, it dubbed the singer-rapper as the “defining star of 2019 – not just for the music she makes, but for what she represents”, and there's no denying that statement. Lizzo has become the inspiring, high-energy personification of the self-love movement – founded on the philosophy of actively nurturing and protecting your own mental and physical wellbeing. Her unbridled joy and unapologetic self-confidence has inspired women of all ages to love themselves a little more, and that's definitely an agenda we can get behind. Lizzo is an inspiration because she gives women everywhere the permission to love their bodies right now, right where they are.

At 85, Ginsburg is an inspiration for all women. A warrior for women’s rights throughout her career, she uses her intelligence and her voice to advocate for justice. Her petite frame and age never limit her from standing in her power and it has earned her the title, the Notorious RBG. A two time survivor of cancer, she has barely missed a day of work, and she persists. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a role model for all women to step into their power, own their ambition and stand for female equality. If you're looking for a strong female leader, championing for women's rights, and closing the gender pay gap, she's your gal.

NASA reached a milestone when two Americans, tasked with replacing a power controller, ventured out of the International Space Station: the astronauts, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, became the first to take part in an all-female spacewalk. The walk lasted seven hours & 17 minutes and sent the term "female spacewalk" into the trend zone. These women are an inspiration for little girls everywhere, but especially in the male-dominated STEM fields. Way to go, ladies!

The Duchess is not only the first American woman to marry into the British royal family, but she also happens to be a woman of color. Her streak of shaking things up doesn't end there though, oh no - once she gave birth to baby Archie, she waited to show him off to the world. Royal family members before her, have opted to (some might even say they've been pressured into) sharing their new bundle of joy to the world the same day after giving birth - sometimes, just mere hours postpartum. Meghan Markle continues to push the boundaries as a new member of the British royal family, sending the message that, "hey, it's OK to speak up when your new husband's family is stuck in their (outdated) way of doing things". Recently, the Duke and Duchess also announced they would be taking a step back from their royal duties and starting a new life outside of the limelight. Surely, Meghan knew that decision would be met with a ton of criticism, but applaud her in forging ahead on the path less traveled!


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