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Brand Development

You have a vision and we want to help you bring it to fruition. Establishing a clear brand identity is the first step when it comes to sharing your story with the world. Once we've defined your brand's visual look and feel, we can start sharing your story with the outlets and audiences who matter most. With an eye for aesthetically pleasing design, and a propensity for captivating copy, we are able to creatively tell your unique story across all channels. This includes everything from establishing an engaging social media presence, to developing eye-catching brand assets and press materials for strategic outreach. Whether it's nailing your brand identity before launch, or rebranding a stale corporate culture, our creative team thrives on bringing each brand to life by designing a unique vision, vibe and voice.


Public Relations

The PR and editorial team at Dark Horse approaches each media outreach strategy with a fresh set of lenses. No two clients are alike, so the tools and tactics used to garner visibility and credibility should be anything but cookie-cutter. With that in mind, we carefully craft every pitch and press release - no "spray and pray" approach over here. Whether connecting with bloggers and influencers, traditional print and digital publications or on-air media, your brand’s strategy for outreach should be well thought out. When it comes to building relationships, we know how to connect the dots - and not only with the media. We've also helped connect nonprofits and social causes with the celebrities and VIP influencers who truly align with their mission. By doing so, we've created long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships; ultimately elevating the public profile for both sides!

Dark Horse PR - Public Relations Service
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Social Media

The reality is, we live in a world where social media has become a go-to source for information, and we're not just talking about the "yelpers". Once we start connecting with the media and have begun to share your story with journalists, there's a good chance they're going to look you up. Better yet, we want them to! That means your social media should be active, up to date, and cohesive. In addition to being visible to the media, when it comes to reaching your target audience and prospective customers, it's also very much about staking your claim on valuable, online real estate. A website like Pinterest, for example, continues to rank highly on Google because it gets a massive amount of traffic. Ideally, we want to choose the "big 3", or the top three platforms best suited for your brand or business, and establish a solid presence. You don't have to be present on all the platforms, just the ones that matter most in regards to your brand objectives. We'll help you create and curate a winning social media marketing + content strategy tailored specifically to your needs. 

In good company

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